• Helps increase sow appetite
  • Helps increase sow milk flow
  • All natural fiber sources
  • Easy, economical and convenient to use
  • Has a pleasant, sweet taste
  • Effective with low inclusion rate
  • Contains yeast
  • Contains probiotics
Nutrition is the "last frontier" in preventative medicine.
Apalax contains essential levels of fiber from rice bran, wheat bran and psyllium seed hulls. Apalax also contains specific levels of electrolytes, yeast, probiotics and flavors. Stamina Plus Apalax has been researched to offer swine producers an economical, all natural, swine laxative. The active ingredients in Apalax provide a soothing mucilaginous lubricating action in the digestive tract that facilitates normal bowel movement. The electrolyte fortification helps provide for normal tissue fluid electrolyte balance to reduce the chances for udder-caking edema.

Available In:
Feeding Directions 40 lb. Bag* *Available in stores only